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Introducing a versatile and innovative assistive technology device designed to empower individuals, especially those with C5 quadriplegia, by enabling them to attach any small tool to their wrist. This adaptable device significantly enhances the ability of users to engage in a variety of activities, including painting, writing, and much more, providing a boost to their independence and creativity.

Crafted with inclusivity and practicality in mind, this wrist-mounted tool holder is a product of thoughtful engineering and a deep understanding of the needs of individuals with limited hand mobility. Its design is simple yet effective, allowing for easy attachment and secure holding of various small tools, such as paintbrushes, pens, and styluses, thereby facilitating a wide range of activities that require fine motor skills.

A standout feature of this device is that the 3D printed files are available for free, making it highly accessible to anyone with a 3D printer. This open-source approach ensures that the device can be customized to fit the unique needs and preferences of each user, while also fostering a community of sharing and innovation within the field of assistive technology.

The device's design prioritizes ease of use and comfort. It can be easily attached to the user's wrist with adjustable straps, ensuring a snug and secure fit without causing discomfort during extended use. The mechanism for attaching tools is straightforward and intuitive, allowing users to switch between tools with minimal assistance, thereby promoting independence and confidence.

This assistive technology device is not just a tool; it's a gateway to expression and independence for individuals with C5 quadriplegia. By providing the means to engage in activities such as painting, it opens up new avenues for creativity, leisure, and personal fulfillment. The availability of free 3D printed files embodies our commitment to accessibility and empowerment, making this innovative solution a valuable addition to the assistive technology community.

Download the Files

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 10.33.24 AM.png

Click on the image to download the 3D printable files for this project.

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