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Homemade Robot

This is the first robot created by Ebcore in 2019 using an erector set.

About the Project

In 2019, Ebcore introduced its first robot, marking the company's ambitious foray into the realm of robotics. This initial creation set a precedent for innovation and creativity within the company, utilizing a combination of an erector set, servo motors, and an Arduino microcontroller. With its 4 degrees of freedom (DOF), this robot showcased Ebcore's commitment to developing accessible and adaptable technology solutions.

Constructed from an erector set, the robot's design was both versatile and modular, allowing for a high degree of customization and flexibility in its assembly and function. This choice of materials not only made the robot approachable for hobbyists and educators but also underscored Ebcore's dedication to fostering an environment of learning and experimentation.

The integration of servo motors provided the robot with precise and controlled movement across its 4 degrees of freedom. These motors enabled the robot to perform a variety of tasks and movements, from simple gestures to more complex sequences, demonstrating the potential for such devices in automation and interactive applications.

Central to the robot's operation was the Arduino microcontroller, a popular platform known for its ease of use and strong community support. The Arduino allowed for straightforward programming and modification of the robot's behaviors, making it an ideal tool for users ranging from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts looking to explore the capabilities of robotics.

This first robot by Ebcore was more than just a product; it was a statement of the company's vision and values. It highlighted the importance of accessibility in technology, the potential of modular design for customization, and the value of hands-on learning and experimentation. By combining an erector set's versatility, servo motors' precision, and Arduino's user-friendly programming, Ebcore laid the foundation for its future endeavors in robotics and established itself as a company committed to innovation and education in the field.

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