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Credit Card Grabber

This Assistive technology grabber lets users grab small items like paper reciepts or credit cards.  It works with flex sensors, buttons, switches, and even phone apps.

About the Grabber

This advanced motorized grabber represents a significant leap in assistive technology, designed to empower individuals with limited hand functionality to interact more freely with their environment. Featuring a sophisticated design that incorporates a servo motor, an ESP32 microcontroller, and multiple activation methods, this grabber is engineered to provide precision control and versatility in grabbing a wide array of items, from credit cards and tools to receipts and glasses.

At the core of the grabber's operation is a high-torque servo motor, which powers the device, allowing for smooth and controlled opening and closing of the grabber heads. These heads are interchangeable and motorized, each designed for specific types of objects, ensuring users can pick up virtually anything they need with ease. This modular design extends the functionality of the grabber, making it an invaluable tool for daily living.

The ESP32 microcontroller serves as the brain of the device, enabling smart operation and connectivity features. It allows the grabber to be controlled in several innovative ways: through wrist flexion detected by a touch sensor, a dedicated app for even greater control and customization, or via a simple switch input using a standard 3.5mm mono cable. This versatility ensures that the grabber can be operated in the most convenient way for the user, accommodating a wide range of abilities and preferences.

One of the standout features of this grabber is its ability to be activated by wrist flexion. This intuitive method of control is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited finger dexterity, as it allows them to use natural wrist movements to operate the device. For those looking for remote operation, the dedicated app provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the grabber, adjusting its grip, and swapping between different grabber heads. Alternatively, the device can also be operated via a switch input, making it accessible for users with a variety of mobility challenges.

The grabber's design emphasizes ease of use, durability, and adaptability. Its construction from high-quality materials ensures it can withstand the rigors of daily use, while its modular head system allows users to customize the grabber to their specific needs. Whether it's picking up a tool for a DIY project, grabbing a credit card for a purchase, or simply holding a pair of glasses, this motorized grabber provides the functionality and independence that users require.

This motorized grabber with interchangeable heads, activated by wrist flexion, an app, or a switch input, exemplifies the potential of assistive technology to transform lives. By offering precision control, versatile operation, and customizable functionality, it opens up new possibilities for independence and interaction with the world for individuals with limited hand functionality.

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