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Communincation Board

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The Communication Board is the worlds first communications board that is controlled completely with Eye Gaze.   And it's completely free and requires no extra hardware.

How It Works

Look to the left and right to select elements on that side. Blink left or right eye to pause.The sound on/off icon will turn the sound on and off.You can also connect several icons to external bluetooth hardware to turn on a light or call the nurse. We currently support Chrome Browser on Mac.

App Version

We devoloped a free app version for Apple products that has more features.  You can change the icons, set the voice, or adjust the senistivities.  Make your own customized versions of the Communication Board today.

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Control Your Environment

Icons can connect over bluetooth to control real things.  For example, the Light icon can turn on the lights.

Call For Help

In the hospital or nursing facility, the Nurse Icon can call for a Nurse.  Connect today to try out our customized recievers.

Great For Kids

Our App is great for users of all age, especially children.  We've had thousands of users around the world try it.

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