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Eye Gaze

Check out our contactless interfaces that let users interact with the world without using physical switches.  We released these technologies for free.

All Access Life

All Access Life is a wonderful team working to advance the field of Assistive Technology.  We love working with them to push the bounds of what's possible.


Devices that help people eat and drink are essential and we provide innovative solutions.  Eating and drinking was never this easy.


Innovative headsets lets users with all disabilities regain inependence and interact with the world.  Our headsets control robotics, computers, gaming, and everyday technology.


Calling for help is a basic need that we make simple.  From stare alarms to sirens that keep stray dogs away, you'll love our innovative alarm systems.


Grabbing items was never easier with our assortment of assistive grabbers.  Our international awards winning grabbers will let you interact with items again.


We are constantly creating new ways to help people with disabilities control advanced robot systems.  See our work with Kinova Robotics and other robotic solutions here.


Our innovative prosthetics for those with motor disabilites are life changing.  Explore new ways to interact with them and regain control over your environment.


Our collection of innovative sensors and unlike anything you're ever seen.  It allows people with the most severe disabilities regain independance. 


Switch Adapting is our bread and butter.  Explore tons of interesting switch adapted items like Nerf guns, Disco Balls, and much more.


Lasers let users point at items and interact with the world.  See our our innovate laser options.  Our wireless and switch adapted lighters are great for birthday cakes. 


During the COVID 19 pandemic we helped teams around the world create ventilators.  Our design was approved by the Canadian FDA.


Learn more about our company and what we do.  We are always here to help.


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